flip flops Why I Won’t be Doing Halloween

Why I Won’t be Doing Halloween This Year

I always loved Halloween. From childhood, my mom would dress me up in crazy outfits, usually spooky ones, and I flip flops had a great time. I drag my pillowcase around our neighborhood filling it and going back three times till I had enough candy to make me sick for a week. When I became a drama teacher, I created haunted houses with the kids. Every Halloween, hundreds students would experience the “haunted mansion” or “high school from hell”. At home, three strobe lights, a graveyard and a smoke machine was standard. Me, dressed to the vampire teeth as some witchy creature with her pet tarantula, Charlotte and my Mom, glow stick shining through her teeth, scared the kids for hours.

I spent bags of money on Halloween and boxes of pa flip flops raphernalia are buried in our basement. I bought only the best cand flip flops y lots of chocolate none of that cheap kiss candy ( I always hated it). I wanted to re create the great experiences I had when I was a kid. That one lady on our block whose house had no lights on and when she opened her door, she was standing there holding a knife and cackling . She was great.

Forty years ago there was no spider webbing or decorations (except for the odd jack o lantern), and Mom made our costumes. No one was trying to upstage anyone with decorations because the night was all about us about the kids.

My mom died last October 23. She lived a good long life she was 93 but she had Alzheimer The last three years were very difficult. Last year I did not celebrate Halloween, and no one seemed to mind despite the fact that we usually get over one hundred kids at our door. I thought this year would be different, but the anniversary of her death hit me hard and I just didn feel like it flip flops .

flip flops Why I think MI6 WERE involved

Why I think MI6 WERE involved in cover

The organisation always has been, and always will be, very, very secretive.A coroner last year ruled that the 31 year old codebreaker was “probably unlawfully killed” after his body was found padlocked into a holdall in a bathtub.The inquest was told that police in the case could not speak to his MI6 colleagues directly and the coroner said that though there was no evidence that the intelligence agency was involved in his death “it is still a legitimate line of inquiry”.MI6 has always tried to keep its work away from public scrutiny. It has a history of not releasing documents, not co operating with inquiries fully. So people are entitled to be suspicious of any information that does come out.He operated in an area involving GCHQ and its liaison with MI6, and probing questions would lead on to the sensitive nature of these operations, particularly in the light of the Edward Snowden revelations.We know from the former CIA man’s leaks how important GCHQ is to Briti flip flops sh intelligence gathering and that there is extensive monitoring of emails, phones and every kind of digital traffic.But we still have no clear picture as to what Gareth was working on.There are a three theories as to h flip flops ow this extremely intelligent man’s body ended up in the locked bag at an MI6 safe house. One is that he himself set this up. He was a loner with a hidden sexual history and the type of work he was doing with GCHQ and MI6 indicates he was one of their brightest stars.Working in crypto analysis, he was interested in solving highly complex, deep puzzles of encryption. It is possible that he set this up as an unsolvable problem, a puzzle that would be there for all time.How could he get into a bag and close it from the inside. Did he have a trick to achieve it without anyone finding out? It is possible.The second theory is that this was an error, an accident. The third is that he was murdered.For it to be an accident the investigation has to show that it is possible to get into the bag and close it from the inside. The police now say this is the case.But for that theory to hold water, they really need to demonstrate that it is physically possible and the inquest heard that two yoga experts tried 400 times to do it without success.So the theory that it was murder remains strong.Was the crime scene cleaned up? Police say there is no evidence of a “deep clean”. But forensic scientists found no fingerprints around the rim of the bath, not even Gareth’s own, which suggests someone cleaned up after his death.And that means someone else was involved.The c flip flops oroner said it was likely that the mystery would never be solved, and for that some blame must attach to the reticence of MI6.Even questions about why Gareth was staying in this flat in Pimlico, South Wes flip flops t London used by both MI6 and GCHQ and only a mile from MI6 HQ brings with it awkward queries about other safe houses and the agents who uses them.MI6 also has a long history of covering up its mistakes. It has been less than candid about its intelligence gathering and reliability in the run up to the war with Iraq. There are the “rendition” scandals of people packed off to the USA and, for some, their subsequent torture.

flip flops Why I support extending the pl

Why I support extending the plastic bag ban in Portland

Back to Main MenuBusiness News HomeFront PorchIt Only MoneyOregon the EconomyPlaybooks ProfitsSilicon ForestWindow ShopStock Market ReportBusiness Public BlogBack to Main MenuVideos from the OregonianVideos from The Beaverton LeaderVideos from the Hillsboro ArgusVideos from The Forest flip flops Grove LeaderYour VideosView full sizeJoe Johnston/Associated PressJJ’s Market manager Marten VanBeveren (right) holds a reusable bag full of Rebecca Horner’s (left) groceries at the Arroyo Grande, Calif., market as he waits to help her out to her car during the first day of San Luis Obispo County’s plastic bag ban, which went into effect on Oct. 1.It is shocking to read the editorial in this morning’s paper in which The Oregonian is urging the Portland City Counc flip flops il to resist the urge to impose greater restrictions, not to mention fees, on shopping bags (“Portland plastic bag ban, part two,” Oct. 10).And it is amusing to read that “Corvallis Corvallis! has a greener bag policy than Portland.” What’s wrong with Corvallis being on the cutting edge of banning single use plastic bags and charging for paper bags? Bravo! Corvallis should be commended for being on the front line of cutting down on plastic in Oregon landfills.Nine years ago, while visiting Ca flip flops pe Town, South Africa, we ventured into a small grocery store and I mean small and at the checkout we were charged the equivalent of 25 cents for each plastic bag we needed for our purchases. We thought at the time, what a marvelous idea this was to give a wake up call to cut out plastic bags. And to think, we were in South Africa not Oregon.Hopefully, the City Council will not go back in time but continue and expand the banning of single use plastic bags to all retailers. Customers will adjust. Now when I venture into a store and flip flops realize I don’t have my personal shopping bags with me, I just have the items put into my cart and bag them when I get to the car or I return to the car for the bags (if I have remembered in time before checkout).The paragraph that urges us to buy single use plastic bags online is beyond the pale. Single use plastic bags certainly are not easier to carry around than personal shopping bags they break.Having personal shopping bags is a small “inconvenience” for reducing plastic in our landfills. I am one housewife who wholeheartedly supports continuing the ban on single use plastic bags for all retailers large or small.