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Willingdon Church

Westside Church pastor Jeremy Adrian baptizes Stefanie Scheiner in frigid waters off Kits Beach. The Vancouver evangelical church, which promotes itself as “casual” and “forward looking,” sent out a news release saying it was baptizing 10 adults at the Easter ceremony.

The church news release contained a free bag of coffee beans and a four gigabyte flash drive.

The churches were said to great coffee, provide free Wi Fi, have a live Christian rock band, no dress code and offer baptisms in the Pacific Ocean at Kits beach. Metro Vancouver print and broad cast media responded enthusiastically when Westside . Except for the occasional article about Pope Benedict XVI, evangelicals tend to be the dominant religion news makers. After all, evangelicals are often controversial flip flop .

Who behind the rise of the pugnacious, anti tax Tea Party? Turns out polls show its largely evangelicals. Who gave George W. Bush eight years of presidential power, leading to wars aga flip flop inst Muslim majority Iraq and A flip flop fghanistan? The three out of four evangelicals who . was rocking Sunday, as thousands of people from diverse ethnicities sang together to the upbeat tempo of electronic Christian praise music.

Burnaby buzzing Wi flip flop llingdon Church, which specialists believe is the second largest Protestant congregation in Canada after Calgary Centre Street Church, has been growing ever since it opened 50 years ago, an anniversary to be marked June 12th at the Pacific Coliseum.