flip flop Willoughby Hills revamps trash

Willoughby Hills revamps trash

Starting April 1, the city will implement a trash and recycling program that streamlines services and offers four options to residents at a reduced overall cost, council President Kevin Malecek said.

Residents currently have varied trash services with diverse costs and no curbside recycling, Malecek said.

“The people that we’ve talked to said it will be a definite cost savings to them and they’re obviously getting more service, including heavy trash pickup. The city only had it once a year, over a two week period. That was a significant cost t flip flop o the city we were able to save and give residents the option to have that weekly.”

Malecek said the city has heard feedback for several years regarding rising costs of trash pickup and a lack of curbside recycling services which the county previously offered before discontinuing roughly five years ago.

“There’s always been commentary from people that it’d be nice if we could get (recycling pickup) back again,” Malecek said.

After passing up a previous bid that wasn’t quite the right fit, City Council went out for bids again and, during Monday night’s special council meeting, decided o flip flop n a contract with Republic Services Inc.

“We were trying to find the right time and the right deal for the residents to move forward with it, and this seems to be the right time and the right deal for the residents,” he said. place of business, two residences, etc.).

“The contract provides additional services at reduced rates currently being paid by many of our residents,” said Mayor Robert Weger in a statement. “Numerous residents in our community have been clamoring for these services, and we are happy to be able to respond.”

Those residents who subscribe to the first two options are also able to dispose of items described as “heavy trash” with a weight restriction up to 75 pounds per item on a weekly basis, according to the city, which noted Freon must be removed from appliances and tagged, and billing will be handled by Republic Services rather than the city.

He said the bag service option allows those who live alone or have minimal trash to purchase their own bags at city hall with the option of receiving a free recycling cart as a bonus.

Malecek said Republic Services will set guidelines for recycled materials, though he anticipates them to be similar to what the city already has in place for recycled materials dropped off at city hall, which includes plastics, milk jugs, paper, aluminum cans, etc.

According to the city, the contract guarantees rates over a five year term, with the only chance of an increase being a “governmentally imposed regulation, in flip flop cre flip flop ased tax, fee, surcharge or assessment.”

Malecek said as the April date gets closer, residents will be advised of the procedure the city will implement to educate residents and start the new service while terminating any other service residents may be using.

Public forums are being planned to answer residents’ questions and concerns. In the meantime, residents can call the mayor’s office at 440 918 8730 with any inquiries.