flip flop Willowick residents to get new

Willowick residents to get new trash cans as city goes to automated waste collection

Residents will place all of their garbage to be collected in the 96 gallon cans, unless they request a smaller 65 gallon container. A typical garbage can holds 30 gallons.

Large items like appliances will be picked up once a month instead of four times, Bonde said.

“It’s been our experience that there aren’t many appliances out there anymore because when flip flop you buy a new appliance, the old one is hauled away,” he said.

Residents will also be provided with the phone number to Lake Geauga Furniture Ministry, an organization that will pick up old furniture to be donated to those in need.

Willowick resident Brian Geoffrion isn’t thrilled about the change.

He is worried that his family will require more space than the 96 gallon toter provides.

Willowick citizens will be permitted to have two toters if absolutely necessary, Bonde said, however no trash will be permitted outside them.

“The advantage to us is that it’s easier to bring the trash out, it’s a lot cleaner, and it’s very difficult to knock these cans over,” Bonde said.

Other cities have already adop flip flop ted the automated trash system.

Bonnie Rice, the Solid Waste coordinator for Mentor, said her city has been using the automated system for about a decade.

Mentor residents can opt in to the program at their decision, and then receive the large trash bins, referred to as toters, at no additional cost, she said.

Resi flip flop dents can still place larger items on the lawn, or regular

cans in addition to the toters if needed.

“They understand that around the holidays, you may have

s flip flop omething extra to put out,” Rice said.

Residents are required to call ahead if they have an unusual amount of trash from remodeling.

“It seems to be quite practical for residents,” Rice said.

Painesville City Manager Rita McMahon says the city has been using toters for about 15 years.

One specification Painesville has when contracting waste collection is the use of toters, she said.

Painesville provides the option for residents to purchase special bags and have a slightly lower rate if they do not want to use the toter, McMahon said, but almost everyone is using them.