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Willunga Primary

Wednesday 21st August is the School RSPCA Cupcake Stall. Please help by donating some cupcakes and sending along some loose change for your child to buy a cupcake, prices 50c to $1 flip flop .00. Notes are in your child reading bags

Friday 23rd August Book Week Assembly (Our class is dressing upas Superheros for our across the Universe theme for the girls we think that beautiful Princessescan also be super heroes.)

Friday 30th August Disco, notes out closer to the time

Wednesday 11th September is a School Closure day for the Royal Show.

Friday 13th September School Walkathon, notes out closer to the day.

we have already collected books from your child reading bag so


have a check at home for us, under beds in cars, behind lounges, on book shelves etc to see if we can get some back. This amount of books represents about $1,000 and like any budg flip flop et if we have to replace them we miss out somewhere else.

Please return all books tomorrow including library books.

Some tip flip flop s to help you for HOLIDAY READING

Borrow from your local library, your child may not be able to read the whole book but will be able to find sight words and talk about what is happening in the pictures.

Remember reading is reading be it a picture book, comic, a recipe, poetry, instruction manuals, magazines, a construction game with directions, a computer game with instructions. Don forget to keep practicing sight words and alphabet recognition.

Our class has also had a lot of time making their own books and so that may be an activity your child may like to do.

One of Willunga school values isResponsibilityand we all work every day to develop this skill. One of the ways we do this at school is by giving our students the responsibility of the morning jobs. Up until now we have all been helping them with reminders and occasionally doing it for them but now we need to see how much has really been learnt.

David Langford, an American educator, tells us there are 4 stages of learning

Information:This means you know t flip flop hat an area of learning exists.

Knowledge:This means that you can tell someone about the area of learning

Know how:This means that you have achieved skills you are trying to learn.

Wisdom:This means that you know the material so well that you can teach it to someone else or that you retain that information.