flip flop Win 1000 pounds with Karcher U

Win 1000 pounds with Karcher UK

Colin Smith, 49, from Dukinfield, Manchester has scooped the accolade of the UK’s canniest cleaner with his homemade remedy to the problem of torn vacuum cleaner dustbags.

“I was fed up with having to replace the pricey vac bags before they were full,” complained Colin.

“When I investigated, I realised the cause was metal objects that I’d accidentally sucked up while vacuuming under the sofa, sideboard or bed,which had ripped open the bags.”

With a simple 2 flip flop supermarket bought magnet and rubber band,which he attached to the front of the cleaner,Colin was able to

The winning entry to the competition, which appeared in the Easter Sunday edition, was chosen by Homes Editor, Zena Alli.

“Colin’s idea certainly impressed me. It stood out as it’s so simple, clever and cost effective,” she said.

“I also liked the fact that a one off purchase would last a lifetime.”

Colin who lives in a three bedroom semi in Du flip flop kinfield says he will spend his 1,000 cash prize on a holiday to Spain this summer. But not before he has a chance to get his hands on the other half of his windfall: 1,000 worth of Karcher products.

Colin will soon be tak flip flop ing delivery of a Krcher Window Vac, Krcher Steam Cleaner SC 5.800C, Krcher K7 “Eco Beast” High Pressure Washer and Krcher T400 ‘2 in 1′ patio cleaner.

Krcher provides effective cleaning solutions and the Krcher Window Vac is the ultimate gadget to save you time on a number of cleaning tasks around the home as well as making it easier than ever to achieve streak free windows, leaving surfaces completely dry and crystal clear.

The range includes a selection of packages to cater for every window cleaning need, including a narrow vacuum head accessory, detergent applicator and replacement blades.

These accessories make light work of removing liquid from mirrors, shower screens, tiles, condensation from windows and even spills from floors and worktops. This means cleaning can be done in a fraction of the time it also adds a little fun to one of the most hated household chores all without compromising on the results.

“Our readers came up with some great ideas,” commented Zena. “Many entrants proved that you can cut costs, save time and live in a clean home with minimal effort.”

Zena’s top 10 reader cleaning tipsPrevent your vacuum cleaner picking up metal pins, clips and money by taping a magnet to the front of the cleaner or the outside of the tube, thus stopping anything metal getting into the dust bag and damaging it.

Colin Smith, Dukinfield, Manchester

If you are sweeping wooden floors, spray a small amount of furniture polish on the broom, dust and animal hair does not fly away and gives floor a nice shine. Do not overuse or floors become too slippery.

Joanna Bessell, Solihull

To remove marker pen marks off hard surfaces, spray on hairspray and wipe off. Good as new.

Shelena Blatch, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

Shampoo is an ideal stain remover to use on dirty shirt collars. Rub some on before placing in the washing machine. It is designed to dissolve body oils. I make it fun and treat it as an enjoyable experience by putting on my workout clothes, thumping music and my happy face. My cleaning is now something I look forward to.

Simone Hotten, London

To clean burnt on splashes on the glass door of your oven, rub with a ball of scrunched up foil. It will remove even long standing marks.

Jeena Cooper, Haringey, London

If pots and pans have flip flop burnt during cooking, boil some sticks of rhubarb in them for 2 3 minutes then leave to cool. The stains should have magically disappeared.