flip flop Win a Tom’s Goodie BagHere

Win a Tom’s Goodie Bag

Here at Tom’s Hardware, much of our strength comes from experts like you. With a community of millions, there’s no better resource out there for tech support, because chances are, one of our users has had the same problem and knows how to fix it. With more and more folks taking the plunge and upgrading to Windows 8, we thought it would be nice (and well timed) to promote a little community contest in the Windows 8 section of the forum.

From now until March 8th, po flip flop st a new Tutorial or How To in Windows 8 on our forum, and if yours is one of the Top 5 most popularly read posts with “How To:” in the title by th flip flop at date, you win a Tom’s Goodie Bag! What’s in Tom’s Goodie Bag, you ask?

Your How To can be about anything relating to Windows 8 that you think your fellow Tom’s users might find useful. Boot problems, customization, installation, icon flip flop placement, you name it so long as it’s accurate and helpful. To make sure your submission counts, be sure to include “How To:” in the title of your post. The Top 5 Winners will be contacted via private message by yours truly for details on where we can ship your pile of awesome off to.

Good luck, and see you on the forums!Joe Pishgar

Community Manager, Tom’s Hardwareyou are asking for us to write up a Windows 8 tutorial and our payment will be a goody bag, probably value around $30? That’s your job, you write, we read

Absolutely not. There’s zero guarantee you’ll win the goodie bag. This little contest is mostly for users who were already probably going to write one in the first place, or who may have already helped out in the Windows 8 subsection and had a response that would make a great How To.

Our job is to not only bring the tech news to you, but to foster an environment where users can help each other with hardware and software. There’s a lot more of you than there is of us, and users helping users is one of the reasons our flip flop forums have exploded to the size they have over the past few years. You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to I’m sure there will be other ways to win goodie bags and the items inside in the future.